Free EAL Resources

Below you will find a variety of free EAL resources designed to support the teaching of English as an additional language for primary-aged pupils. These resources are specifically targeted towards new EAL arrivals with limited or no English.

This work is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International 

Free resources may be adapted for personal classroom use, but must include attribution to www.primary and must not be used for commercial purposes. Click the link above for more details. 

This five-point EAL Proficiency Scale is taken from the the following government documentation: English proficiency of pupils with English as an additional language (February 2020)

Teaching staff are expected to use this scale to make a ‘best-fit’ judgement to assess EAL pupils’ proficency in English.  See the full document for more details. The EAL materials available on this website are suitable for pupils working at levels A and B of the scale.



A set of flashcards containing vocabulary linked to school. Suitable for EAL /ESL beginners who are in the early stages of learning English as a second language.This flashcard set can be used to help newcomers memorise over 60 key words. To increase versatility, the set contains separate cards featuring both pictures and words. Cards are colour coded enabling them to be grouped so that teachers can focus on one set of words at a time. Pages containing empty 2 by 2 grids are included which can be used to help organise flashcards for a fun game of bingo.


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eal face and body parts

A pack containing 7 trace, write and label worksheets to help EAL pupils in the learn the names of parts of the face and body parts. Great for EAL newcomers or students in the early stages of learning English.


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EAL vegetables

This EAL / ESL new starter ‘Vegetables’ activity pack is suitable for EAL / ESL beginners in the early stages of learning English. It contains a PPT book, three worksheets, a set of word and picture flashcards and a vocabulary word mat linked to the topic ‘Vegetables’. These easy-to-use resources are great for intervention work either 1:1 or with a small group. Also included is an activity guide containing suggestions and ideas for how to use the resources.


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