EAL / ESL Starter Pack Home


This pack designed to support newcomers learning English as an additional language contains a selection of EAL resources suitable for newly arrived KS1 and KS2 pupils with little or no English. The focus for this pack is to help EAL beginners to learn key vocabulary associated with home. The pack contains almost 50 worksheets with activities linked to more than 60 words


Activities include:

Matching pictures and words
Multiple choice
Simple sentence work

The pack also contains a pupil information sheet, a phonics check sheet, pictures of all the referenced vocabulary (which could be enlarged and made into flashcards) and an assessment sheet to help monitor pupil’s understanding. The pack is designed to be used flexibly. Teachers can select worksheets as needed to support EAL lessons. Alternatively, teachers could combine all the sheets in the pack to create a workbook of materials which would allow newly arrived EAL learners to work fairly independently with some teacher support and guidance.

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