About Me

Hello I’m Karen Moncrieffe!

I  am a primary school teacher with nearly twenty years of teaching experience. My previous roles include assistant headteacher, EAL and literacy co-ordinator and member of the senior leadership team. My specialism is English.

I am also an educational writer who has worked for a variety of publishers creating resources to support the teaching of reading and writing

As well as writing for educational companies, I also produce my own resources which are available for download or purchase at my Primary Texts shop which you can visit on the TES website.

I love teaching and writing so I plan to keep doing them both. I now teach part-time which allows me time to do my writing. As I write books for schools, it’s really useful being a teacher. I am able to use my resources with the classes I’m teaching which enables me to see whether they are effective.

Many of my resources are inspired by challenges I face whilst teaching and planning. If I can’t find a resource which is suitable for my requirements, then I’ll create it. Remaining in the classroom means I am aware of new initiatives and the pressures and practicalities of primary school teaching.

As a practising teacher, I know how many hours it can take to plan lessons. I aim to produce high quality useful resources which save time. I try to produce flexible, adaptable, easy to use resources which support teachers, meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for English and help pupils to develop their literacy skills.

Above all, I strive to create lessons and materials that will not only help pupils learn, but also challenge them, develop their confidence and help them to develop an enthusiasm for reading and writing.



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