Great Books for Year 5!

The selected books are suitable in content for year 5.  This engaging selection contains a mix of highly rated classic and modern books. Consider how you wish to use this book selection. Are you choosing books for shared, independent, whole class or small group reading? Dependent on how you wish to use the books and the abilities of individual readers, you may also wish to explore books featured in the year 4 and year 6 selections.

An enchanting, classic story about a mysterious midnight garden  in which a boy meets new friends who might be ghosts. Evocative and haunting with an unexpected ending.

This is the first in a beautifully presented series of books set in a large old house in which there are strange goings on. Beautifully illustrated, imaginative and unusual - children will want to discover the house's secrets and find out what will happen next.

A quirky story narrated by the mysterious Lemony Snicket who details a series of unfortunate events that befall the children of the Baudelaire family. A well written, enjoyable book which will leave readers eager to discover what horrors the Baudelaire children will encounter next.

This is the first book in the engaging, magical, extraordinarily-popular Harry Potter series. Though many children will have seen the film, it is likely that they will be still be delighted to read the book  and enjoy the added depth that the reading experience brings.


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A story about the friendship between a girl, a pig and a spider. Filled with talking animals and lovely illustrations this book is very readable and wonderfully touching at the end.

A story in a classroom setting about a boy who is viewed as naughty and mean; however, the author allows the reader to see beyond that  and discover a likable funny character who we begin rooting for. This amusing, realistic story explores relationships, perceptions and everyday school life.

This wonderful story portrays a battle between good and evil  set in a stunning fantasy world. Four evacuees enter a wardrobe and emerge into a wintery world of adventure filled with curious creatures, a white witch and a majestic lion.

Coraline moves to a strange flat with her parents, and behind a locked door discovers a strange alternate version of her world.  An intriguing, quirky, spooky tale with fantastic descriptions and brilliant illustrations.

A boy finds himself in danger when he ends up in the middle of a convention of witches who plan to turn the children of the world into mice. A dark, funny tale with brilliant characterization.

In this fast paced story set in Ethiopia, a countryside boy who wants to be a runner embarks on an important  trip to the city with his grandfather. An exciting story about running, perseverance and achieving dreams.

In this unusual book, a funny, moving, thought-provoking  story is told using different forms of poetry. Cloudbusting is a fantastic story which will encourage discussion about friendship, bullying,  acceptance and  opening your eyes to seeing things differently.

Children's favourite about a clever girl who has to deal with an uncaring family and a monstrous headteacher. An enjoyable, funny story with vividly drawn characters.