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Primary Texts contains a mixture of free and premium  high quality, flexible, easy to use primary literacy resources. To help busy teachers, all resources require minimal or no preparation!  Premium and free resources are also available from the Primary Texts shop on the TES website or from  the Primary Texts Store on the American website TPT.

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Primary text products are consistently highly rated. See some of our product reviews below:

"This is such a great resource. The questioning included is amazing and saved a lot of time for me." (Jabberwocky Poetry PPT Lesson)

"Excellent resource!" (Haiku Poetry PPT Lesson)

"This worked great in my classroom. Thank you." (In the Dark, Dark  Wood Poetry PPT Lesson)

"I liked that this resource offered discussion points in the PowerPoint. This offered students to think and discuss as a class. I will be using this resource again, thank you!" (Martin Luther King PPT and activities)

"Interesting and engaging for understanding and deeper analysis." (The Eagle Poetry PPT Lesson)

"Clear and to the point, with examples for the children to have a go at. Thank you! Love how it makes them think about how consonants and vowels are made in different ways with your mouth." (Year 3 SPAG PPT: Using a or an )

"Really useful, and easy to adapt for children's individual needs. Saved me lots of time. Thanks for sharing!" (Non-fiction writing frames for SEN)

"Clear and ready to use instantly" (Persuasion, Argument and Complaint Vocabulary Card)

"Thank you - these are great! You have just saved me so much time!" (Higher Level Vocabulary Word Mats)

Sources: Primary Texts at TES and Teachers Pay Teachers

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