Reading Lists

Finding  books that ignite children's imaginations, engage and enrich them, and encourage them to become avid readers can be difficult. The following lists  are based on books I have read as part of my role as a teacher or whilst working with various educational publishers. I have also read some of these books purely for enjoyment - I love reading children's books!

Judging from conversations I've had with teaching staff and parents, I know that many find it difficult to know where to start. How can you find age appropriate books? What might children gain from reading certain books?  How do we know which books are viewed as the best books?

As we all know, enjoying a book is a personal experience. What works for one, may not work for another. This is fine - we want children to become critical readers who are able to express their opinions. Not every child will enjoy every book. However, the books selected are all highly-rated, quality books as judged not just by me, but also by a large number of readers and reviewers. Many children will enjoy and be engaged by the stories in this book selection. With this in mind, I hope these lists give you a helping hand. Happy reading!

Karen Moncrieffe