Great Books for year 1!

The selected books are suitable in content for year 1.  This engaging selection contains a mix of highly rated classic and modern books. Consider how you wish to use this book selection. Are you choosing books for shared, independent, whole class or small group reading? Dependent on how you wish to use the books and the abilities of individual readers, you may also wish to explore books featured in the EYFS and year 2 selections.

In this funny story, George the dog tries his best to be good but he can't always manage it! The repetitive text engages children by encouraging them to anticipate George's actions and the quirky illustrations add extra depth.

Funny rhyming story with fantastic illustrations. Children will enjoy finding out about the interesting life of Mr Magnolia who has only one boot!

This amusing book about a clever mouse who outwits his  predators has now become a classic. Fantastic illustrations and the text engages readers using rhyme, repetition and rhythm.

This amusing, brilliantly-illustrated, quirky story is told entirely in dialogue. A bear searches for his hat - what will happen when he finds the creature who took it?

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Naughty Max has an amazing adventure when his bedroom transforms into a fantasy world and he sails of to a land of wild creatures. An enjoyable classic with wonderful illustrations and an exciting storyline.

This classic book for beginner readers is written in rhyme and reinforces children's knowledge of common words and phonics. But this book does not just teach reading skills, it is also very funny with brilliant illustrations and an exciting text for young readers.

This thought provoking book enables discussion about differences, disagreement, conflict and the importance of seeking a way to get along with each other peacefully. The striking illustrations and minimal text make the topic accessible for young readers.

Mr Bear wants to sleep but is kept awake by a wide variety of noises. Great for exploring sounds and the repetitive language encourages children to join with the story.

Elmer's colourful patchwork pattern makes him unusual.  This modern classic reminds children that there is nothing wrong with being unique.

Heart warming story about family and love. Gorgeous illustrations and beautiful rhythmic text.

This is a story about some chickens, a fox who wants some chicken and a slow dog who spends most of the story in the background. Children will enjoy the way the tension builds throughout the story and the surprise ending.

A lovely story with an easy to understand message about sharing and not being selfish. Children will like the vivid illustrations and the build up of tension when a brave mouse crawls into the crocodile's mouth!