Great Books for year 6!

The selected books are suitable in content for year 6.  This engaging selection contains a mix of highly rated classic and modern books. Consider how you wish to use this book selection. Are you choosing books for shared, independent, whole class or small group reading? Dependent on how you wish to use the books and the abilities of individual readers, you may also wish to explore books featured in the year 5 collection.

An amazing story of hope and courage. The Silver Sword takes the reader on an astonishing journey brilliantly conveying the hardships endured by children in the second world war.

A quirky collection of spooky stories which are great for year 5 and 6. The short length of the stories makes them ideal to slot in for a quick teacher read-aloud during the school day, and will also encourage independent reading for reluctant readers.

Epic adventure story featuring battling rabbits. The reader is drawn into an exciting underworld where the odds seem to be stacked against the character who ultimately emerges as the story's hero - Podkin One-Ear.

A well-written, exciting, adventure-mystery story with depth. Set on a Caribbean island this brilliant book gives the reader an insight into life in a different culture and the world of whales.


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A Medal for Leroy is based on the story of Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British army. This fascinating novel will lead children to consider issues linked to race and the contribution of black soldiers in the First World War.

Heartrending book about the life of a street child in Victorian London. A tale of survival which portrays the difficulties of life for poor children during this era, but ultimately leaves the reader filled  with hope.

The wondrous tale of a china rabbit who changes as he goes through many owners experiencing a multitude of lives. A beautiful profound adventure story about relationships and discovering the power of love and hope.

An exciting book which takes the reader on a rollercoaster journey into a future existence. Full of unexpected twists and turns, this gripping dystopian-adventure  story which will engage young readers.

Stranded on a desert island,  Michael discovers he is not alone... The unique storyline in this brilliant novel allows the reader to imagine life in a tropical paradise, and life in a world devastated by war.

Readers do have to adapt to some of the old fashioned language used in this book, but if they persist they will discover a very enjoyable story. Many children will love the idea of tiny people who live under the floorboards of a house.

A powerful, touching, thought-provoking novel about the experiences of a ten year old boy who looks very different from others. This is a wonderful story with brilliant characters and lively dialogue. It will leave readers feeling uplifted.

Great story about a refugee which is heart-warming, funny and touching. The year 6 characters are lively and believable, and the use of lined paper and photos create a realistic edge.