Great Books for Year 3!

The selected books are suitable in content for year 3.  This engaging selection contains a mix of highly rated classic and modern books. Consider how you wish to use this book selection. Are you choosing books for shared, independent, whole class or small group reading? Dependent on how you wish to use the books and the abilities of individual readers, you may also wish to explore books featured in the year 2 and year 4 selections.

Brilliantly funny story with fantastic descriptions of revolting characters who behave badly and eventually get their comeuppance. Great illustrations provided by Quentin Blake enhance the story.

This story about a car obsessed boy is set in Africa and written by Nigerian author and storyteller Atinuke. An enjoyable  story which contains a vibrant main character and provides an insight into life in Africa.

Julian and his friends decide to become crime-busters which means they go out searching for trouble!  A fun, fast-paced book with great characters filled with mini adventures.

Through these beautifully illustrated stories, Nigerian author and storyteller Atinuke,  introduces readers to life in the wonderful continent of Africa. This chapter book has four sections which each contain a complete story detailing a lively episode in the life of the main character Anna Hibiscus.


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A fascinating tale which blurs the lines between reality, imagination and the past and the present. Unusual, surprising, amusing with lovely illustrations.

This amusing story will give children an insight into the lives of hedgehogs as well as getting them to think about road safety. This tale also gives children the opportunity to experiment with words and explore language and grammar patterns.

Lovely, rhythmic text and beautiful artwork convey a powerful message about the beauty and importance of rainforests. A fantastic book which is great for stimulating discussion, research and creative activities.

What adventures might be possible if you woke up and found you were as flat as an pancake? This is the question explored in the brilliant Flat Stanley series of books where the main character's life is filled with one funny escapade after another!

A funny exciting story in which a sneaky crocodile comes up with various plans to trick children to get close enough to be eaten by him. However, his plans are constantly thwarted and things do not work out well for him at the end!

Both adults and children will enjoy this very humorous book which tells the story of a week in the life of a cat from the cat's viewpoint. The cheeky personality of the cat is conveyed brilliantly.

This story explores fear of the dark through the eyes of an baby owl. Children will enjoy learning about the lives of owls and be reminded that there are many wonderful things about night-time.

This African tale is an inspiring story which contains a powerful message about being the best you can be. It reminds the reader about the importance of encouragement and instils the belief that we were all born to fly.