Great books for year 2!

The selected books are suitable in content for year 2.  This engaging selection contains a mix of highly rated classic and modern books. Consider how you wish to use this book selection. Are you choosing books for shared, independent, whole class or small group reading? Dependent on how you wish to use the books and the abilities of individual readers, you may also wish to explore books featured in the year 1 and year 3 selections.

A mysterious story featuring argumentative siblings who reveal that despite their disagreements they do care about each other. As is typical with Anthony Browne, this book has stunning, intriguing illustrations and layers of depth that will provoke discussion.

At first Gregory is unhappy when he goes to stay with is grandparents in Tobago - but he soon begins to adjust to his new surroundings. The stunning artwork and lovely story allow children to experience and enjoy finding out about a different way of life.

An exciting hilarious pirate adventure story written in rhyme. Great use of language and vibrant detailed illustrations.

Funny story written in bouncy rhyme with a moral message. An old lady follows seemingly strange advice which eventually leads her to appreciate what she has.

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Readers will enjoy accompanying Patrick on a magical journey with his special violin. Fantastic bright engaging illustrations truly bring this fun fantasy story to life.

In this funny story, Princess Smartypants provides children with an alternative view of how a princess behaves. The brilliant illustrations in this story complement the text.

Fascinating picture book about giant flying frogs - contains detailed illustrations and no words. Encourages children to think carefully and create their own story to explain the strange goings-on

Rhythmic text and striking illustrations are used to introduce the reader to a variety of talented cats. But is clear that the main character - a cat who loves nothing more than to hide in boxes - is viewed as the most special cat of them all.

Delightful book about a boy who is worried he won't get a visit from the tooth fairy when he mislays his tooth. Stunning illustrations bring this sweet story to life.

A lovely story which explores being different. Provides lots of potential for discussion about uniqueness and equality.

The main character Claire tells her friends imaginative stories about how she got her bad knee. Each of these stories will engage the reader as they are brilliantly brought to life through Claire's details and the illustrations.

Grace's classmate tell her she can't play Peter Pan in the class play because she is black and a girl, but she proves them wrong. A great book for exploring race and sexism. Fantastic illustrations.