Martin Luther King Jr. KS2 Lesson


A complete lesson resource about Martin Luther King Jr and why we remember him. Contains a PPT presentation and two follow-up art activites. Ideal for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Black History Month or studying equality and civil rights or significant individuals.


The PowerPoint contains details of Martin Luther King Jr’s life and achievements with a range of questions to encourage discussion and deeper thinking. Accompanying activities are detailed below:
• Follow Up Activity 1 – Create a patterned design for a peace dove or a heart to illustrate Martin Luther King Jr. ’s emphasis on peace and love. This activity is supported by the inclusion of outlines of a dove and a heart to aid students with presenting their work if needed.
• Follow Up Activity 2 – Create artwork which symbolises racial unity using different coloured linked hands. Instructions and example pictures are provided on the PPT to help support this activity.

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