In Flander’s Fields KS2 Poetry Lesson


A complete lesson based on the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae with PPT presentation, comprehension tasks and follow-up speaking and writing activities. Ideal for studying classic poetry, Remembrance Day or World War One. Suitable for KS2. The PPT could easily be adapted for use in an assembly.


The 11 slide PPT contains:
• The poem with supporting visual images
• Background information about the poet and poem
• Discussion questions
• Details of follow-up activities.

The resource also includes:
• A copy of the poem. Useful for pupils to read, make annotations or highlight.
• Two differentiated worksheets. Worksheet A contains a straightforward literal task and an activity requiring pupils to visualise aspects of the poem. Worksheet B is more challenging and contains tasks linked to exploring viewpoint, the poet’s use of language and finding evidence.