Rosa Parks KS2 Lesson


A complete PPT lesson resource to help students learn about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Ideal for Black History Month, studying civil rights, equality, discrimination, significant women or important historical figures.


The PPT presentation contains details of Rosa Parks’ life and achievements with a range of questions to encourage discussion and deeper thinking. This resource includes two follow up activities:

• Follow Up Activity 1 – An art activity in which pupils need to draw and colour people of different races sitting wherever they like on a bus to highlight why we are grateful to Rosa Parks. This activity is supported by the inclusion of two differentiated bus outlines for teachers to supply to students if needed.

• Follow Up Activity 2 – An activity requiring students to write a recount of the story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This activity is supported by pictures on the PPT to help students remember the events and activities in order. These pictures are also supplied on a worksheet should teachers wish to enable students to create a storyboard on paper by combining pictures of the events with writing.

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