A selection of resources for pupils learning English as an additional language. These resources are designed for pupils in the early stages of learning English as a second language. Click on the image to see resource details on TES.

EAL / ESL Starter Packs

These packs contain a selection of EAL / ESL resources suitable for newly arrived students with little or no English. The focus of these packs is to help English Language beginners to learn key vocabulary. Each pack approximately 50 worksheets with activities linked to more than 60 words.

Free EAL / ESL Resources

FREE school flashcards. Press here for quick download.

Seven FREE trace, write and label worksheets to help pupils learn the names of face and body parts.

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Sentence Building

Ideal for EAL/ ESL students age 5 to 12 who are ready to begin writing first sentences. Contains 20 worksheets each featuring a picture and phrases to help students form sentences. Also suitable for early writers / SEN

ESL Activity Packs

Find a selection of English Language Learning packs based on different topics. Packs contain a PPT book, flashcards, worksheets, vocabulary wordmats and written guidance on how to use the resources. Great for intervention work.