The Eagle KS2 Poetry Lesson


A complete lesson based on the poem ‘The Eagle’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson with PPT presentation, comprehension worksheets and follow up activities. Ideal for exploring classic poetry or as part of a topic on predators or birds of prey. A flexible resource with the potential for extension into a short unit of work. Suitable for KS2

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The 10 slide PPT contains:
• The poem with supporting visual images
• Background information about the poet and poem
• Discussion questions
• Details of follow-up activities.

The resource also includes:
• A copy of the poem. Useful for pupils to read, make annotations or highlight.
Two differentiated worksheets. Worksheet A contains a straightforward literal task and an activity requiring pupils to visualise aspects of the poem. Worksheet B is more challenging and contains tasks linked to exploring the poet’s use of language and expressing viewpoint.