Nelson Mandela KS2 Teaching Pack


Contains materials for at least four sessions. Includes a teaching PPT, a biography of Nelson Mandela, a differented comprehension worksheet, a writing activity to support students in writing the life story of Nelson Mandela and an art activity. Also includes planning guidance for the provided activities. Ideal for studying significant individuals, Black History Month and Mandela Day.


This resource includes:
• A 14 slide PPT
• A paper copy of Nelsons Mandela’s biography
• Follow Up Activity 1- Differentiated comprehension questions
• Follow Up Activity 2 – Students use pictures to write about key events in Nelson Mandela’s life.
• Follow Up Activity 3 – A selection of quotes is provided for students for analysis and discussion. A worksheet for this activity is provided to be used if needed.
• Follow – Up Activity 4 – Guidance to help students produce artwork based on the idea of South Africa as a ‘rainbow nation’. Two printables are provided to support this work if needed
• A PDF of Nelson Mandela quotes which could be used for display