Epiphany / Three Kings Day Bundle

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Two PPT Lessons linked to the Christmas story of the Three Wise Men also know as the Magi or Three Kings and Epiphany. Each lesson contains a PPT, worksheets and activities.

  • One lesson is based around a classic Christmas poem which tells the story of the journey of the Three Kings. This resource includes a PPT containing the poem with visual images, background information and follow-up art and writing activities, plus comprehension tasks.
  • The other lesson includes a PPT lesson about Epiphany with details of how and why we celebrate it with worksheets to support two fun arts and crafts activities.

The follow – up activities create a flexible resource with the potential for extension into a longer unit of work.

The Three Kings KS2 Poetry Lesson

The nativity story of the Three Kings / Three Wise Men told through a classic poem. Ideal for exploring the Christmas story, Epiphany and Three Kings Day. The resource contains a complete lesson with PPT presentation and comprehension tasks. It also contains guidance for two follow-up activities with links to literacy and art. A flexible resource with the potential for extension into a short unit of work. Suitable for KS2.

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Epiphany KS2 Lesson

This PPT lesson presentation explains what Epiphany is and how it is celebrated in different countries including details about Three Kings Day.

The resource includes ideas for two follow up activities: design a Epiphany cake or design a crown. Outlines for the cake and crown are provided for children to draw and colour their designs; alternatively, teachers may wish to develop the activities further. This could be done by providing students with a selection of collage materials or paints, or asking students to not just design but also to make crowns using card. Suitable for KS2. Could also be used for upper KS1.

Original price was: £2.50.Current price is: £2.00.