Caterpillar KS1 Classic Poetry Lesson


A complete lesson based on the classic poem ‘Caterpillar’ by Christina Rossetti. Includes guidance for performance. This lesson has been designed to meet the following National Curriculum objectives:
• Listening to and discussing a wide range of poems, stories and non-fiction at a level beyond that at which they can read independently (Year 1)
• Learning to appreciate rhymes and poems, and to recite some by heart (Year 1)
• Continuing to build up a repertoire of poems learnt by heart, appreciating these and reciting some, with appropriate intonation to make the meaning clear (Year 2)


The 9 slide PPT contains:
• The poem with supporting visual images
• Background information about the poet and poem
• Discussion questions
• Guidance for performing the poem
• An optional writing activity which requires pupils to explain the lifecycle of a butterfly

The resource also includes differentiated comprehension worksheets. The discussion questions and comprehension worksheets enable pupils to gain a good understanding of the poem prior to performance. The optional writing activity enables teachers to extend the lesson into a two or three session unit of work should they wish to do so. Also useful for studying lifecycles.

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