Black and Asian Heroes of World War 2 KS2 Teaching Pack


Contains a PPT presentation and biographies of nine black and Asian soldiers / army personnel from the Commonwealth who took part in World War 2 with accompanying comprehensions.  Also includes follow-up activities. This resource features World War 2 heroes from India, Africa and the Caribbean. Ideal for studying significant people in World War 2, Black History Month or exploring biography text types.


The resource includes:
• A 15 slide PPT presentation with biographical information and video links.
• Comprehension worksheets to accompany each biography.
• Follow Up Activity 1 – A discussion exercise requiring students to organise the biographies using a Diamond 9 Ranking system.
• Follow Up Activity 2 – Students create a medal and write a citation for one of the people featured in the pack. A template is provided to aid this activity.
• Differentiated biography writing templates which students can use to create their own biography of one of the featured heroes.
• A PDF containing all the biographies and instructions for the Diamond 9 Ranking activity.

The World War 2 Heroes featured in this resource are:
• Learie Constantine
• Ulric cross
• James Hyde
• Billy Strachan
• Prakash Singh Chib
• Lilian Bader
• Johnny Symthe
• Noor Inayat Khan
• Yeshwant Ghadge