New EAL Resources!

Throughout my teaching career, there have been several occassions when a child has arrived in my class who speaks little or no English. It’s important that these pupils learn basic vocabulary as soon as possible in ¬†order to feel comfortable in the classroom, grow in confidence and make progress.

Previously, I have scoured the web searching in vain for an EAL starter pack which I could use to help them learn new vocabulary. I also wanted something new EAL starters could work on independently within the classroom situation when needed. Obviously pupils do begin to pick up some new vocabulary naturally, but I’ve found direct teaching and assessing their recognition of vocabulary is important to ensure they are making progress.

I created an EAL Starter pack with vocabulary related to school as I couldn’t find what I was looking for on the internet. I did find various websites and worksheets. However, I found it was time-consuming to search, download and combine different worksheets in an effort to create packs. I also felt this approach was not structured enough. I have since created two more packs with vocabulary related to home and the environment. These packs are now available to purchase as a bundle on my Primary Texts shop at TES. They are also available to purchase separately. See below:

EAL Starter Pack Bundle

A three pack bundle containing over 120 worksheeets suitable for newly arrived EAL pupils. Designed to help familiarise pupils with vocabulary related to school, home and the environment. Available for purchase from the Primary Texts Shop on TES. Visit Shop



Posted by Karen Moncrieffe