Using Visual Literacy to Teach Classic Poetry

The importance of studying poetry is frequently emphasised in the National Curriculum for English programme of study for Key Stage 2. Pupils are expected to read and discuss a wide range of poems.

When studying poetry, it may sometimes be appropriate for pupils to read or listen to a poem and use their imagination to visualise what the poet is aiming to portray.  However, there are occassions when pupils need additional support to aid their understanding.

I have found that providing visual images to help explain and clarify difficult words, phrases, ideas and concepts is a good way of aiding comprehension of more complex poetry. Providing a visual element to poetry helps to stimulate the pupil’s interest too.

I have produced a variety of poetry lessons based on a section of classic poems which include PPTs with poems and supporting visual images. In addition, the lessons  include worksheets, a copy of the poem and suggestions for follow up activities.

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